This is a repo containing several open source intelligence (OSINT) sources - curated by AWARE7 GmbH.

Open Source Intelligence consists of every source that is freely available on the internet. It can be (ab)used in various kinds of ways but knowing where to find anything is quite a helpful skill in the modern age.

We use some of these sources in our Digital Risk Management Platform RISKREX or in our seminars on OSINT.

If you find a non-working link or miss a source please report it via an issue or via mail to code(@)aware7.de



Visual Search and Clustering Search Engines

National Search Engines

IoT Search Engines

Real-Time Search, Social Media Search, and General Social Media Tools

Social Media Tools: Twitter

Social Media Tools: Facebook

Social Media Tools: Instagram

Social Media Tools: Reddit

Social Media Tools: VKontakte

Social Media Tools: LinkedIn

Social Media Tools: WhatsApp

Social Media Tools: Skype

Dating Apps

Main People Search Tools and Engines

Public Records

E-mail Search/E-mail Check

Username Check

Main Company Search Tools and Engines

Company Research (EU)

Company Research (UK)

Company Research (US)

Company Research (Switzerland)

Domain and IP Research, Websites Analysis

Web History and Website Capture

Researching Dark Web


Document and Reference Management

Data Scrapers

Website Monitoring